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Careful Analysis

Each advisor of ours has an average of 10 years of experience in delivering sound financial solutions.

Flawless Implementation

To meet our customers' needs, we have a well established reputation for integrity and professionalism.

Constant Monitoring

By keeping constant track of your investments, we are able to ensure the highest rate of return.

Developing a Customized Solution

At Altitude Financial, our philosophy is centred around you. We assess your needs and deliver a programme that will give you all the necessary cover for your personal, professional and business obligations.

Your wealth is your earning power and our goal is to give you the ability to insure it in the event you suffer a loss of income. Fundamentally, our work is about providing you with the best protection for the financial assets that you have accumulated over the years or are embarking on doing so.

Whether it is insurance on your life, health or business, or transferring your estate, we can design a plan to structure them under a single programme.

Protecting Your Investments

The first step we take to secure your future is to understand what your personal, professional and business goals are.

These may be met and serviced currently by representatives from several companies but they are likely not optimising what your money can and ought to buy. With a team of certified financial planners, we have the expertise to do a complete review of all your financial instruments and tailor them to maximise the returns on your investments.

We do this by sourcing out the best options available from our partners to provide the best protection you will ever want. Under our customised programme is the conviction that the needs of each person, profession and business vary and they require a personal commitment to fulfil.

Managing Risks

Since our establishment in 2002, we have grown to become a top destination for risk management. From critical illness, and wills and trusts to employee benefits and redundancy plans, we have customised programmes to safeguard all your personal and business interests. Where required, we work with specialists to execute them.

As finance professionals, we also play a major role in advising several companies on their life insurance, compensation and pension plans for staff and top executives. We also design programmes to safeguard their investments, especially in mergers and acquisitions, and guarantors of financial products.

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